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Enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts.

Following on from last months blog - here is a resume of the rest of our share portfolio.

Morgan Sindall Group: A UK construction and regeneration group. This company provides services in construction, infrastructure, fitting out, property services, partnership housing and urban regeneration. We've only held shares in this company since June 2021, no profit yet, but it's early days.

Ocado: Ocado Group is a publicly-traded company that develops software, robotics, and automation systems for online retailers.

This was a brilliant purchase for us at the beginning of the pandemic. We are showing a profit of 64% and are of the opinion that people will stick with a delivery service as a convenient option.

Prudential: Just too boring for us China Dolls. So we sold all of our holding at the July meeting.

Reach: Definitely not a boring share. It is a British newspaper, magazine and digital publisher and one of Britain's biggest newspaper groups. We've added to this share over the short period we've held it and are showing a whopping 187% profit. Good reports seen in the media who seem to think that digital news is the future.

Segro: This is a United Kingdom-based real estate investment trust. The Company owns, develops and manages warehouse properties in the United Kingdom and Continental Europe. Analysts have raised their target price for Segro to 1342 citing long term prospects for this company. At the moment it is sitting around the 1171 mark and we are showing a 52% profit.

Simec Atlantis Energy: A global sustainable energy company. The recently appointed CEO is apparently enthused at the prospects of the next 12 months. Hmmmm.....the China Dolls are not so enthused about their 88% loss on their purchase of this share. But too late to sell now, we'll hang on in there and hope the CEO is right.

Smith D.S. A multi national packaging business. Profits were curbed this year by higher input costs of packaging, energy, transport and labour costs. Growth is anticipated with new plants in Italy and Poland and the expansion of their plants in Germany. This share should be performing better - at the moment we are not showing a loss or a profit: but we are optimistic and are holding for now.

Surface Transforms: Their unique patented Carbon-Ceramic technology provides the ultimate braking performance for road and track: with a weight savings of up to 70% .

They have appointed HCF Brake Systems, based in Texas, to distribute their product in America. Carbon ceramic discs on a Lamborghini only cost an extra £20,000.

Another recent purchase of ours where we are showing a profit of 20%. Let's hope those who can afford a Lamborghini want ceramic brake discs!

Sylvania Platinium: This is a rapidly expanding low-cost PGMs producer operating in South Africa.

Having bought into this company in january 2021, we are showing a 10% loss, but have high hopes for the future.

Trainline: We are showing a loss of 43%. There was a great deal of insider dealing by the Directors this month as a result of the rival Great British Railways ticketing app. We are hopeful that all the bad news is out there and Trainline share price will start to recover.

Tristel: We purchased this share at the beginning of the pandemic. It is a United Kingdom-based manufacturer of infection prevention and contamination control products. The Company's technology is a chlorine dioxide ... The share price continues on its steady growth and we are showing a 40% profit.

Unite Group: Unite Students is the leading provider of student accommodation in the UK, providing homes for 74000 students, across 25 cities. The company recently sold two of their London properties for £342 million. We are showing almost 100% profit on our original investment. A definite hold for the long term.

Vestas: Vestas Wind Systems A/S is a Danish manufacturer, seller, installer, and servicer of wind turbines that was founded in 1945. ... As of 2013, it is the largest wind turbine company in the world. It has a large base on the Isle of Wight. The share price has not moved much since we purchased it - but it is one for the future and recently had some good media coverage. Holding on to this one.

That's all for this month.

Next month it's back to reporting on our meetings and decisions made.

Keep cool out there.

DISCLAIMER The China Dolls is a group of private individuals who meet regularly to discuss investment strategy and make investments based on the collective opinion of the the group. The China Dolls is not in the business of offering any form of advice on investing or other financial matters. The content of this blog is not to be considered an inducement to trade as we trade and is offered for illustrative purposes only. Any use you may make said content is entirely your responsibility and The China Dolls will not be held liable for any losses you may incur as a result of using this blog to help you trade.


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