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We are nine ladies who decided 20 years ago to improve our knowledge of investing.  We started by sending for a manual from the company Proshare to help set up our investment club, this gave us a good structure to follow.

Over the years we have become firm friends, enjoying many evenings of laughter whilst researching our investments.  Another plus side to this is we have also managed to establish a strong portfolio which, apparently, rivals many hedge funds in the city.

How amazing is that.   Well, we are certainly amazed!


All the members, apart from Pam S. and Christine, have held the Chair position.

Let us introduce ourselves...


This is me, and resident blogger! I have been a member from the start of the club and held the position of Secretary for 10 years.   Four years ago I moved to the West coast of Ireland – however I still follow my shares and send in a monthly report for the meetings.  I always look forward to receiving and reading the minutes of the meeting to see what the girls have got up to!



Our Treasurer, whom we would not be without.  Pam has been Treasurer since the clubs inception – actually, we won’t allow her to resign.  She is a qualified accountant – it helps to have a mathematical brain when starting a club but not essential – Pam keeps our tax records in order.  



Our current Secretary.  Pam takes minutes of every meeting, unless on holiday when a vice Secretary steps in.  She makes the minutes amusing and light hearted whilst recording what has happened to our shares over the past month.



Our current Chair.  Virginia keeps us all in order and has a structure to follow to ensure all matters are covered.  She is very good at bringing the girls back to order – as you can imagine; nine women around a table can create lots of chat!

The Chair’s position comes available whenever they want to step down.  It is not a compulsory position, unlike our Treasurers!  Again we have a vice Chair whenever Virginia is on her hols.



Holds the position of our “stop loss” monitor, placing stop losses on most of our shares; particularly ones we think may be vulnerable to a sudden drop in price during the month.  Mary is our Francophile – with family members living in France, we always look forward to the meetings at Mary’s house accompanied with the delicious wines she serves.



Marcia is an organiser: a brilliant P.A.  She produces our address and meeting cards. She has also held the position of Secretary.



Animal lover and holiday mad Val has been our Chair a couple of times over the time scale.  Val never misses sending in the report on her shares. She loves just one good gin and tonic: with, of course, Fever Tree Tonic.  We have done rather well on this share! 



Lyn keeps us in order.  A definite voice to be heard! Diligent in following her shares and reporting any changes mid-month if she feels it would be beneficial for the club to know.



Last, but by no means least is Hazel.  We love it when Hazel isn’t driving to a meeting: a glass of wine always brings out Hazel’s naughty side – resulting in many laughs over the years.  Another organised lady who produces her enormous files at any time to let us know what price our shares have been at any time over the years.


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