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Lyn's dessert creation - she's a great gardener too!

We commenced our meeting with a variety of Fever Tree mixers - those who weren't driving added a splash of gin.

Everyone delighted at the total sum of dividends received this month: enough to pay for our Christmas lunch at the Chewton Glen which is already booked - our annual treat.

As per our usual format we reported on all our shares, most of which we held (see previous blogs listing shares held by us). A few we are concerned about and these were discussed.

IQE: the US backing of Huawei could have a damaging effect on IQE - should we sell?

RedT Energy: Share dropped rapidly since January - decided to hold for one more month and discuss again at the July meeting.

Whitbread: Various articles seen expressing concern over this company. Share price is down from last month. We've made a lot of money over the years from Whitbread, buying and selling. Is it time to sell again!


Codemasters: A British video games developer, developing official Formula One games. Alonso signed up as race consultant.

APC Technology: Won the contract to upgrade LED lighting in the Arndale Shopping Centre, Morecombe. Share 9p - up 14.78% in May.

Reach: Largest national and regional news publisher/owner. Last year sold 620 million papers and have a larger online audience than all its competitors. AIM listed 75.5p Pays a 8.13% dividend.

Others mentioned: Science in Sport

Simec - buy more?

Halma - buy more?

Zoo digital

Judges Scientific



BOUGHT: £1000 EACH OF Simec, Codemasters and Reach. Bought £2000 more of Halma.

ONE TO WATCH: Agronomics

LOOK OUT FOR Articles and companies on VEGAN FOOD PRODUCTS.

It was a very long meeting - well done Pam G for our excellent minutes.


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