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A B Dynnamics: AB Dynamics has grown steadily to become one of the world’s most trusted suppliers of automotive test systems. Today, their clients include the top 25 global vehicle manufacturers, all seven Euro NCAP laboratories and numerous government test authorities.

I have not mentioned this AIM share in the blog recently - but it is certainly bouncing back. Although we are showing a loss of 18% the share has risen 28% over the last 6 months. So, hopefully, we will soon be breaking even!

BAE Systems: We have bought into this share three times over the past year, during which time it has risen 50%, although our total holding is only showing a profit of around 15%. The company has recently reported two strong orders:

1. The start of construction of the third Dreadnought Class submarine, Warspite, at its shipyard in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria. 2. A new order for 20 additional CV90 mortar systems for the Swedish Army brings the total fleet to 80 vehicles, planned to be in service by 2025

Sadly it is a reflection of the Ukraine war which is stimulating its business. But for now a HOLD.

Croda: One of our original holdings and, if you have been a follower of our blog over the years you will know we refer to this as "Granny's Share" as it was recommended by a one of our members' elderly grandmother.!

Croda has had a rocky ride recently - a definite spring in its volatility! Up to 10410 in December 2021 - then dropping to 7948 by April 2022 - only to come crashing down to 5908 in June 2022.

Today it is bouncing back and sitting at 7030 so we are hoping that it's on the way back to its dizzy heights.

Another share we have added to over the years and we are showing an overall good profit of 160% - so we are VERY happy.

JD Sports: We are delighted with our recent purchase of JD Sports and are already showing a profit of over 15%. Apparently 16 - 24 year olds spend 26% of their money on fitness gear. JD are going to tie up with Nike for help with their USA launch. A definite hold.


We decided to sell two of our shares this month.

  1. Ocado - we have been hanging on to this because of their software technology - but it has been going nowhere recently. So we decided to bail out.

  2. Morgan Sindall - Again a share which, for us, has been floundering.

We did not make any purchases this month (we did spend quite a bit last month!) but will be looking to invest futher in BAE and JD Sports.


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The China Dolls is not in the business of offering any form of advice on investing or other financial matters.

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