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REACH: A brilliant performance by this share over the past 12 months.

Reach plc is the largest national and regional news publisher in the UK They are the name behind some of the UK’s most influential, iconic and trusted newsbrands, such as the Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Daily Star, Daily Record and Sunday People as well as leading celebrity and entertainment magazine OK! They also publish leading regional titles including the Manchester Evening News, Liverpool Echo, Birmingham Mail, Western Mail and Bristol Post.

In September 2020 Reach was sitting at 60p where it had been languishing for months, we even contemplated selling the share as it appeared to be going nowhere.

Then 2021 happened and in January it started its meteoric rise to where it sits today - a staggering 374p. So we are happily sitting on a 266% profit, and with the future of digital news expecting to continue we are holding on this share.

AGRONOMICS: Agronomics Limited is an investment company that is focused on opportunities within the nascent industry of modern foods, which are environmentally friendly alternatives to the traditional production of meat and plant-based sources of nutrition. We purchased this share after listening to a discussion about it at one of the meetings. We feel it is definitely a share for the future and has maintained a steady rise to 27p, giving us a 41% profit in the short time we have held it. It's one for the long haul.

CERES Power: Ceres is a world-leading technology company with the capability to deliver clean, combustion-free power.

We had high hopes for this company when we purchased their shares in March 2021 at a price of 1176p. Today it is sitting at 1124 - a loss of just over 5%. However Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Transport, announced £23 million will be invested in 56 winning projects to accelerate the development and design of zero emission vessels in British shipyards by 2025. We are hoping Ceres Power may be included amongst the 56.

DECHRA: There was a lot of bad press about this company during the past month with many thinking the company is overvalued. This resulted in a 50p drop in the share price which quickly recovered.

Its business is unique as most of its products are used to treat medical conditions for which there is no other effective solution, or have a clinical or dosing advantage over competitor products. They announced their half year results in September 2021 showing revenue was up 21% and underlying profit up 29% - they also announced a rise in their dividend. We purchased at an average price of 3808 (we have added over the years) and the share is now sitting at 5300 giving us a paper profit of 38%. We are holding onto this share.

GENUS: One of our original shares, purchased back in 2001. However China's volatile market for pigs prompted a warning from Genus that it may fall short of hitting its medium term goals. This took the shine off some very upbeat results. We are still confident in this share which is showing a 185% profit even though we have sold some shares over the years.

TRISTEL: We purchased this share at the beginning of the pandemic in April 2020 when the price stood at 474p. It is a UK based manufacturer of infection prevention and contamination control products. Now sitting at 600p it has continued on its steady rise despite a recent fall in the marketplace. We are showing a profit of 25%.


VOLEX: Volex plc is a supplier of power cords and cable assembly solutions servicing a range of markets, including consumer electronics, telecommunications, data centers, medical equipment and the automotive industry. Last month we discussed buying into Volex which, although an AIM company, started up in 1890. It's a shame we didn't purchase as the price went up 16% last month. It is sitting at 455p. We will watch with interest.

TRISTEL: The decision was made to invest £1500 more into Tristel.

That's all for September.

See you all next month.


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