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October 31st is looming. I won't mention the "B" word!

The market is generally down for obvious reasons. We can't wait for all this to be over and UK can get on with business.

DIVIDENDS: We've had some great dividends again this month - £542 to add to our coffers. This this may be added to our Christmas lunch fund at the Chewton Glen. A chance for us "dollies" to dress up.

October was a small, select meeting of just four ladies. So whilst reports were sent in and all our shares were discussed, no dealing was done.

We will probably wait until the New Year to start investing again. Unless November throws us a "no brainer" share to invest in.

A few of our shares have been doing well:

GENUS: we have followed Genus for years. Buying and selling at opportune moments.

A few months ago we locked in some of our profit from this share, but it continues to perform (or rather the animals do!) It is up 70.48% this year to date. A definite hold for the time being.

Hotel Chocolat: Another share which has risen steadily throughout the year. Apparently the Christmas display of Hotel Chocolat in John Lewis is fabulous.

Ocado: One of our new shares which is proving a good buy.

Diageo: A positive share which is doing well.

Halma: Purchased this share in January 2019 - priced at 1250p. It was mentioned at the Mello awards in April. Now sitting at 1843p - so a good decision made.

The majority of our shares are recommended "buy" on the Share Centre site which can only be a good thing.


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