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China Dolls features in October edition of Good Housekeeping

The October issue of Good Housekeeping is out now.

They have written a great article on helping us to manage our finances: "A No Fuss Guide to Investing". China Dolls is featured - which confirms our original decision to "go public" in the aim of encouraging women into the money market.

Go Girls - you can all do need to have a lot of money - a little each month soon adds up over the years.

So as it is a very wet day here on the West Coast of Ireland ( I moved here 4 years ago) I may as well continue with a monthly update!

DECHRA PHARMACEUTIALS has been given a great write up in todays Times newspaper. Tempus (The Times financial guru) says it is one to invest in for the future. We have held this for a couple of years and look forward to a surge in share price.

Now lets look at some of our "Turkeys" and why we are holding on to them

Over the years we have become more confident in our investing and are not averse to the AIM market. This is not without risk, but can bring big rewards i.e. FeverTree, GW Pharmaceuticals, Genus to name a few. But you must be willing to take that risk and be patient - it can take years. Not a market to dip your toe into if you cannot afford to lose the money. Which is why investing with a group is good. GW Pharmaceuticals we held onto for years and almost gave up hope......but it came good in the end when it was bought by an American company.

Simec Atlantic Energy - At the moment we are sitting on a 72% loss - but we are always hopeful.

Here is Hazel's monthly report on Simec

It is still rated as an ‘off-the-scale’ BUY on share centre site. It has launched 5-year bond maturing 2024 to raise maximum of £7million to progress and accelerate the development of world leading opportunities eg at the Uskmouth power station. It is planning to become one of the largest and most diversified energy companies on the LSE, leading the UK to a New Zero future. We should be patient, keep fingers crossed, and HOLD

Red T Energy: Lyn follows this share and has seen very little written about this company. Our 89% loss is disappointing, but the share has just started to rise, so we are optomistic!

Science in Sport and Codemasters have only recently been purchased and although we are in a loss position we are feeling positive about both these shares.




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