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Pam and Virginia spent an amazing day at the Mello Awards ceremony in London.

Mello is a forum for private investors and a shop front for AIM companies

Pam presenting an award

They attended many presentations, a few of which involved shares we are interested in, or have already invested in. On the Beach, Science in Sport, Halma and Hurrican Energy.

We had been discussing selling our On the Beach shares, but after listening to the discussions we may hold on! Science in Sport is a share we bought and sold last year on the basis it was going nowhere. But it is highly thought of by one presenter who commented that the company were breaking even this year and will not need any further cash injection. Halma is an AIM share we already hold. It has a great reputation and is a superb business model. So we'll hold onto that one! Hurrican Energy was recommended by one presenter as the AIM share mostly likely to gain in 2019.

Virginia presenting an award

The China Dolls has a portfolio of 23 shares of which 10 are AIM shares so the whole day proved extremely informative. Well done Pam and Virginia.


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