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The stock market is taking a hit at the moment. Investing is for the long term, so hold on to your optimism and hang on in there. It'll soon be time to drink champagne.

CRODA: We bought Croda back in 2001. It had been recommended by a grandmother of one of our members, who is now a grandmother herself! We paid 280p at the time and the share languished around this price for a few years.

When we started the China Dolls blog in 2019 the share had risen to 4674

However, over the last 5 years it has risen by over 200%

and is now sitting at 10,0075p. What a brilliant share this is.

Sincerely hope that some of you bought on the back of the 2019 blog.


Agronomics is the leading London listed company in the field of cellular agriculture. Cellular agriculture is the production of agriculture products directly from cell cultures that would have otherwise been derived from traditional agriculture methods.

Our average purchase price of this share is 18p (we have bought in a couple of times) and the share is now sitting at 28p, a profit of 46% at the moment We are firm believers that this is a company which is going places. A definite hold

CORNISH METALS: We bought into this company on a whim having read a positive article written about it in the papers: we paid 14p in July 2021.

It is now sitting at 18p showing us a profit of 20% - sometimes it is worth acting on a "whim"!

Cornish Metals is a Vancouver based mining company with mines on the United Downs in Cornwall. Positive articles have been read by our members, stating that millions is being invested in Cornish Lithium on the United Downs. A definite hold.

On the down side of our portfolio:


This whole sector has been hit by low wind speeds, supply chain blockages and high raw material costs. Their operating profit is now expected to be 4% as opposed to 5-7%, but their long term outlook is +10%.

Operating profit is down 21% but they still managed a profit of 325 million euros.

They expect to produce enough power for 20,000 homes which would displace 38,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. One for the future - we are holding.

TRISTEL: We purchased more shares in this company in October having been impressed with its steady rise, but we have been disappointed. Its products are geared towards hospital departments that carry out diagnostic procedures. These have suffered during Covid.

However, they have an excellent reputation and their Directors have been buying shares which is always a good sign.

Interactive Investor has set a target price of 550p.......a hold for now.


We decided to lock in some profit from two companies.

REACH AND OCADO giving us over £5,000 to spend.

DIAGEO: A further £2000 was invested in Diageo which was recommended by Hargreaves Lansdown as a long term investment. Also Christmas is fast approaching!

CORNISH METALS: £1000 more invested in Cornish Metals. We are an optimistic bunch!

HALMA: £2000 more invested in Halma. This company share price just keeps giving.

That's about it for this year.

We are all meeting up for our Christmas lunch next month - Covid permitting.

See you in 2022

Have a very happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.


The China Dolls is a group of private individuals who meet regularly to discuss investment strategy and make investments based on the collective opinion of the the group.

The China Dolls is not in the business of offering any form of advice on investing or other financial matters.

The content of this blog is not to be considered an inducement to trade as we trade and is offered for illustrative purposes only.

Any use you may make said content is entirely your responsibility and The China Dolls will not be held liable for any losses you may incur as a result of using this blog to help you trade.


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