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We've turned to drink!

Nobody could have predicted the coming of this virus and the effect it would have on our lives AND OUR SHARES! But here we are in the middle of a massive downturn in the stockmarket.

Looking at our portfolio we still have 10 shares well in profit. These are ABF, Croda, Diageo, Fevertree, Genus, Halma, Homeserve, Ocado, Segra and Unite Group.

Now some of these we have owned for some time - but Halma and Ocado are recent purchases which have held up well.

Our portfolio initially plummeted by 30%, but the upsurge this week brought some good news and we are now only down 20%. It will return, we will all just have to be patient. Remember share buying is for the long term not the short term.

In the meantime us Dollies have turned to drink and have purchased some more Diageo shares. This is a strong company and we had a little money in the bank.

Keep well and safe everyone. One day this will end.


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