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Tamzin and Tim from took a trip to the seaside to interview the China Dolls at their February meeting. The afternoon was spent chatting to three of the Dollies, followed by the evening meeting where a further three joined in the fray. By all accounts is was a great success and we are all looking forward to seeing the finished video which will be posted on the website as soon as available.

Thank you Tamzin and Tim for your professionalism.

Recently Tamzin posted an interview on their website

The one in particular "The Market Maker" was an interview with Spencer Crooks, ex Director of Market Making at Winterfloods. If you have some spare time, it is definitely worth listening to his insight into the markets.

He maintains that as long as you have 6 out of 10 shares doing're on the right track.

Checking our portfolio, the China Dolls have 16 positive shares in profit from a portfolio of 24 shares. So we are doing OK! Phew....that's a relief!

Right, let's get down to business: The meeting.

Last month we focused on our successful shares - so, as the weather has been so atrocious and we are not feeling very optimistic, this month we will focus on our "duff" shares!

Dechra Pharmaceuticals: We bought two tranches of this share. The first was purchased at around the 2500 mark, the second at over 3000. But although the share often hits that magicall 3000, it stubbornly goes back down and currently sits at 2850, bringing our average to showing a loss of - 4.74%. We are holding this share: once it breaks that barrier of 3000 it should continue to rise. We are optimistic and the brokers recommend a hold.

Hurrican Energy: Morgan Stanley state that they can find no reason why this share has dropped 35% in the past year. Our current loss is 59.41%, very disappointing. Many brokers are recommending it as a strong buy and it continues to produce strong production from its Lancaster well. We will hold this share and hope for an upturn soon.

Ocado: A relatively new share to our portfolio. The share is showing a loss of 13% over the past month. This is due to the huge fire at their robotic warehouse. Bad timing for us Dollies: The shareholders disagreed with the £59 million paid to the boss of Ocado despite the losses. It is a longhaul punt and could be risky. But brokers are remaining positive. We are holding for now.

RedT Energy: This is a relatively new share for us and it was suspended quite soon after purchase with us showing a loss of 89.33%. Terrible! However, there is a proposed merger with Avalon and the share will be relisted on 16th March. We watch with hopeful anticipation.

Science in Sport: This is a share we have owned before, sold and repurchased after a very positive report at the Mello Awards ceremony last April. We bought at the top - 64p - the share is now sitting at 47p showing a loss of 28%. We will be patient and hope it recovers.

Simec Atlantis Energy: This share has not performed as well as we hoped. Down 69.56% from our original purchase at sitting around 11p. It is a global developer, owner and operator of sustainable energy projects and has announced ambitions for a tidal-powered data centre in the Caithness region of Scotland. The power supply for such a data centre would include electricity supplied via a private wire network from tidal turbines at the existing MeyGen project site. So, with the growing trend towards renewable and sustainable energy we will optimistically hold this one and hope for the best.

Smith D S: This firm provides cardboard packaging for Amazon, fast food packaging and the drinks industry. They also recycle cardboard. So one would think they are onto a good thing. But the share price has fallen from our purchase price of 52p down to 36p. A loss of 33.79%. We are holding this share for now.

Tullow Oil: We were misinformed by the management on this share. They announced success when there was none! The director then resigned. However the Share Centre, whilst saying that it is a risky buy, recommend it as a "high risk" purchase for investors looking for capital growth, saying there could be good news to come. We have lost over 75% of our holding: so its really not worth selling at this stage. We will continue to hold and hope the Share Centre is right in its advice.

Well, I think that it enough for now. Towards the end of the meeting we discussed new shares we may be prepared to purchase now that we are into a new year. The next blog will discuss these.


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