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ASOS: In 2001, when our club was only one year old, a couple of our members noticed their daughters buying clothes online with a new company called ASOS - AsSeenonScreen. The company was formed in 2000 and floated on the AIM market in 2001 at a share price of 20p. It quickly rose to 50p which is when we decided to invest. We sold out far too early when the share price hit around 1500, but we were very pleased with our profit at that time.

The share soared to 7630p in 2018 - dropped back down to under 2000p in 2020, and has recently been very volatile.

The share price has been hit by events in the pandemic: slow supply chain and lack of stock has all contributed to it now sitting at around 2700p. We believe this share is now on the road to another recovery and could rise back to above 5000p. On that basis we bought back into ASOS this month.


BHP Billiton: Is a producer of essential commodities including iron ore, copper, nickel, metallurgical coal, potash and petroleum. They focus on the resources the world needs to grow and decarbonise sustainably. The share price plummetted in 2015 when BHP were involved in a lawsuit when two mining dams collapsed in Brazil. The share has since recovered and this year has risen by 21%. We are currently showing a 44% profit.

Diageo: We invested into this company at the start of the pandemic and we have not been disappointed. The share price is up another 4.7% this month after an upbeat trading report and we are showing a 42% profit since we purchased. Christmas is coming - we are optimistic about Diageo's future prospects.

Halma: Halma is a global group of life-saving technology companies and was named Britain's Most Admired Company in 2020. They provide innovative solutions to many of the key problems facing the world today. They announced an increase in profits and the company has been valued at £12 billion. The share price dropped slightly since last month, but we are showing a 62% profit over the short period we have held this share.

Ocado: This company was hit by a fire at one of their London units in July causing a loss of 300,000 orders, but the share price is now recovering. The Bank of America issued a positive report on Ocado saying the shares are worth more than double their current value and their long term prospects for growth in online shopping are good. They also made the comment that Ocado Solutions will soon be expanding with overseas partnership deals. We are showing a 52% profit since buying this share at the start of the pandemic and are definitely holding.

Segro: Another share purchased during the pandemic on the basis that the demand for storage would be high with online purchases on the rise. We are showing a 50% profit on this share which has steadily risen since we invested.

Other matters:

Pam S. continues to watch VOLEX - A company which provides power and connectivity for both everyday items and complex machinery, from radiation oncology treatments, industrial lasers, right through to electric vehicles for the 21st century, Volex is integral to a vast universe of modern manufacturers. The share price continues on a steady rise with a 16% increase since our last meeting. Perhaps another AIM share to add to our portfolio next month?

This was a great month for dividends which pleased our Treasurer and boosted our coffers.

Enjoy your trick and treating on the 31st. See you next month


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