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Smart science to improve lives
Croda: Is the name behind the high performance ingredients and technologies in some of the biggest, most successful, brands in the world: creating, making and selling speciality chemicals that are relied on by industries and consumers everywhere.
What an extraordinary month for Croda. At the July club meeting the price was 6548p. At the August meeting it had made a metioric rise to 9166p. This share has been one of our strongest performers over the 21 years we have been investing: we are holding onto this one.
Trainline: The share is recovering from its fall after the launch of the Great British Rail ticketing app. We were looking at a loss of 43% in July, which is now a 35% loss, so we are heading in the right direction.
Unite Group: Another share which is recovering. July price was 1079p - now sitting at 1237p. So a good rise which we hope will continue with the Universities returning to normal studies.
Surface Transforms: It looks like quite a few people may have bought their Lamborghini's with ceramic disc brakes as the share price improved by 5p last month. This shows us a profit of 30% which is up from 18% at our July meeting.
Cornish Metals: At the July meeting we had a rush of blood to the head at the excitement of all being together for the fist time since the pandemic. We purchased almost 10,000 shares in Cornish Metals which is owned by a Vancouver based mining company. They own the United Down and South Crofty mines in Cornwall. Copper, tin and lithium are fundemental to growth in the technology sector and the transition in the growth to a low carbon economy. They are all used in the applications of batteries, robotics, solar power, 5g and cloud storage. We bought at 15p which is now sitting at 14p. We are, as always, hopeful for future prospects.

Smith D.S. - Although a solid company, the share price has not performed well throughout our holding. It is only showing a 5% profit. The decision was made to sell Smith D.S. giving us some capital to reinvest.
Homeserve: We have done well with this share, but recently it has been going nowhere. We are showing a 21% profit since our purchase. The decision was made to sell Homeserve adding to our capital to reinvest.
Rather than add to, what is considered a fairly large portfolio for a group of 9 investors, the China Dolls decided to purchase £2000 each to three of our existing shares.
Dechra - Diageo - Segro
So that's all our news for this month. See you in September.


The China Dolls is a group of private individuals who meet regularly to discuss investment strategy and make investments based on the collective opinion of the the group.

The China Dolls is not in the business of offering any form of advice on investing or other financial matters.

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