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What a month it has been. Since our August blog we now have a new King, a new government and this week a complete turnaround in UK's fiscal policies. But, as always, we can only wait to see what the future brings.

Now to our shares - yes, we still have a portfolio to watch.


We are still waiting patiently for Simec to bring us riches - however, the following article has lifted our expectations for this company. You never know what the future holds!

SIMEC Atlantis Energy has reinstalled another tidal energy turbine for its flagship MeyGen project, marking a critical step in bringing the 6MW tidal array offshore Scotland to full power.

With the latest turbine now back in the water, and the AR1500 turbine continuing to exceed expectations following its redeployment back in March, SIMEC Atlantissaid it is confident that the MeyGen site will continue to break records for tidal generation.

With three turbines now fully operational, SIMEC Atlantis remains on schedule to redeploy the final turbine in March 2023, the company said.

The turbine is being retrofitted with a wet-mate connection system, which, according to SIMEC Atlantis, more than halves the cost of future operation and maintenance deployments.

SIMEC Atlantis is now focusing its efforts on the delivery of the next phase of the MeyGen project, that will see 28MW of additional tidal power capacity installed on the site.

“This project is a world leader and will unlock the technology for large-scale, commercial deployment around the world. The site can deliver a 400MW green and predictable power station,” SIMEC Atlantis said.


We a showing a 20% profit since we purchased these shares on a whim back in July 2021.

Lately the Vancouver based company issued a statement saying that high grade copper, tin and zinc have been discovered at their United Downs Project located in Cornwall. We are holding.

GENUS: We sold some of our shares in this company a few months ago, locking in our profit - perhaps we should have held on! Recently the shares have bounced back amid relief at an unchanged dividend and signs that this year’s challenging market conditions in China’s pig market are starting to improve. We are still looking at a good profit of over 37% and will hold on to our remaining shares.

SURFACE TRANSFORMS: a maker of high-performance brake discs for cars, has upgraded its annual profit guidance for 2023 to 2025 as it announced its interim results.

During the six months to June 30, 2022, the AIM-traded group was awarded a new contract with existing customer, OEM 8, worth about £100mln, which replaced a previous contract valued at £27.5mln.

Following the conclusion of volume discussions with OEM 8, Surface Transforms said it has increased its sales guidance for the three years 2023 to 2025 by about 10% per annum, almost wholly attributable to OEM 8.

We are showing a 3% profit on this AIM share - only 3% I hear you say - but it's still a profit!


In January 2022, Vestas was named the most sustainable company in the world in the 18th annual Global 100 ranking published by Corporate Knights.

Recently Vestas secured a 66 MW order for repowering project in the Lensahner Berg/Gaarz wind farm in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The project includes 11 V162-6.2 MW turbines in 6.0 MW operating mode with 119m towers to maximise annual energy production.

We are at a loss to know why we are showing an overall loss of 40% in this share. Surely one for the future. We are holding.


We have a large holding of shares for an investment club of 9 ladies. Concensus is that a club should only hold a number of shares in relation to its membership.

We have been investing for over 22 years and we consider a portfolio of 9 shares would be slightly boring!

We have 26 shares in our portfolio and as of today 13 of these are showing a loss. We do not consider that a bad ratio considering the current economic climate and overall our share portfolio is still in profit.


Having sold a substantial number of shares in Reach a few months ago, lockiing in our profit,

I omitted to mention that we sold the remaining of our Reach holding in August -

Since August 2021 the share had been on a steady decline. The company have staff issues and digital advertising is down.

Since we sold out it has continued on its decline.

No decision was made to buy any new shares over the past couple of months.


The China Dolls is a group of private individuals who meet regularly to discuss investment strategy and make investments based on the collective opinion of the the group.

The China Dolls is not in the business of offering any form of advice on investing or other financial matters.

The content of this blog is not to be considered an inducement to trade as we trade and is offered for illustrative purposes only.

Any use you may make said content is entirely your responsibility and The China Dolls will not be held liable for any losses you may incur as a result of using this blog to help you trade.


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