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Well it is for us China Dolls on the south coast.

AGRONOMICS: It is interesting to see the advancement in plant based foods appearing on our supermarket shelves. We have bought two tranches of this share, Agronomics. The first investment was in April 2019 after Pam S and Virginia attended the Mello Events annual meet up in London. Initially it performed very well, so we added to our investment in June 2021.

At the moment the share price seems a bit volatile.

Agronomics have taken a 47% stake in biotech firm Liberation Labs with their precision food fermentation facility for the production of cellular agricultural products.

Overall we are showing a small loss, but we are very confident that this is a share for the future.

Ceres Power and ITM Power: Renewables stocks are back in favour as the invasion of Ukraine has put the focus very much on energy independence from Russia. We’re told they’re the future, and even the big oil companies are investing heavily in alternative sources of energy. recently published an interview with Sam Wahab, the Energy Analyst at SP Angel. Sam is certain that this is a sector that’s here to stay, and not only stay, it’s going to grow in the near term and exponentially over the coming decades.

So, whilst we are showing a loss on both of these shares, we are holding for the long term.

Dechra Pharmaceuticals: What has happened to Dechra, we ask ourselves. An England-based business involved in the development and marketing of veterinary products. We were well into profit on this share by August 2021 when it was sitting at 5225 (we had bought in two tranches averaging 3850). However its share price has been falling during the past year and is now sitting at 3456. Its key financial indicators look quite decent, which could mean that the stock could potentially rise in the long-term. Another hold for us optimistic Dollies.

Halma: Another share which had been doing well but has fallen back over the past year.

Hmmm....tell me one that hasn't!

It is a British global group of safety equipment companies that makes products for hazard detection and life protection.

Halma's financial performance over the long term looks promising and the share price should recover. Another hold for us.

ASOS: OK....we give in! It's just as well we buy in small amounts and then add if a share is doing well. We totally percieved the market incorrectly where ASOS was concerned. So having lost almost 70% of our small investment we have cut our losses and sold out. Good luck ASOS you have a lot of competition now.


QinetiQ: QinetiQ is a British multinational defence technology company headquartered in Farnborough, Hampshire, England. It is the world's 52nd-largest defence contractor measured by 2011 defence revenues, and the sixth-largest based in the United Kingdom.

We have been following this share for a few months and noticed it's rise of over 30% in the past year. In this current unstable world we have decided to buy into this company. The share price is sitting at 362 - I'll let you know next month how we are doing!


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The China Dolls is not in the business of offering any form of advice on investing or other financial matters.

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