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Most of us may be grannies, but we still know how to have fun! Pam G noted Virginia's comments, in her annual AGM report, that our meetings seem to becoming more unruly as we age!

looks like a perfect nest egg to serve up at the June meeting

Our outgoing Chair, Virginia, gave her annual statement, noting that over the years we have enjoyed 199 delicious meals. She congratulated us all on our diligence in our share reporting. Noted the FTSE share index was at 7900 last may, falling to 6563 by December 2018, despite the "B" word! and was now sitting around 7252. We now hold a total of 23 shares, up from 21 last year, 10 of which are AIM shares.

Virginia finished with a quote she read in the Telegraph last month by Kevin Doran of AJ Bell.

"Blindly following analysts' buy or sell recommendations is no path to investing success. This misses the point of the research in the first place.

Investors should think about 4 things when considering buying shares...

Whether you understand the business.

Whether the business has a unique selling point. USP.

Whether it is run well.

Whether its shares are reasonably priced."

Virginia wished the next Chair, Mary, a successful term in office.

Next up was Pam S. giving her Treasurer's report: noting the shares we have bought and sold over the year and wishing everyone great success in the following year.

Each member then gave her report on their individual shares. As expected, all these were a HOLD for this month.

Over the month I will write about our shares and opinions on each one.

It's Friday and past 1800 hours...…...I think that means a glass of wine is about to be poured.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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