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AGM Approaching!

Just received an email from our Secretary, Pam G, reminding us that it is our Annual General Meeting next week! (I told you are meetings are structured!) This is the time we appoint our "officers"...….so the job of a new Chairperson will be discussed. I believe Pam G is happy to continue as our Secretary for another year. I have been appointed IT Co-ordinator - good heavens, can I live up to that title. The Treasurer's job is never up for discussion - Pam S will hold this until the club ceases to exist - thank goodness!

So, after the excitement of the article in the Daily Mail, we now have to get back to business.

As usual, at every meeting, we all have to present our report on how the companies we individually follow are doing: recommending a HOLD, SELL or BUY more.

In addition to this, at the AGM, we give a resume of what each company is about. I follow three companies in our share portfolio. Mine are Tullow Oil, Dechra Pharmaceuticals and Prudential. Hmmmm…..better get down and do my homework!

First though, it's my morning cup of tea.



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