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Autumn leaves may be falling....but not our shares!

Most of the Dollies met again for our September monthly meeting at Pam S's house. Fish Pie followed by a fig and peach dessert - ooh....and a chocolate mousse. Now time to get down to business.

All our shares were discussed in alphabetical order - each member reporting on anything they had read or seen about the particular shares they follow during the month.

The decision this month was to hold all shares and not to make any purchases.

We have a number of good, solid shares which we have held over the years. These we will continue to hold - ABF, BHP, Croda, Diageo, Prudential and Unite Group.

Our new shares appear to be doing fairly well.


Here is Pam S's September report on Ocado.

Share price up – 1236 – 1336. Consists of basically two divisions: i) Retail – tie-up with M&S (not Waitrose), and ii) Solutions – offering software and technology to food distributors. Ocado has been winning large contracts with significant overseas retailers. Shares remain a higher risk, banking on future growth.


Hazel's report on Simic:

Big article in Telegraph recently about how the company is to use ocean energy to power the world’s largest ocean powered data centre in Caithness, Scotland. This will house the information and processing power needed for cloud computing and their customers include Amazon, Google and Microsoft. These data centres need more energy, space and cold 3 weather! to keep the equipment cool. The centre would be powered by Simec’s underwater tidal turbines by 2021 - provided totally by green energy. Share price down again! Patience girls.


Virginia's report on Science in Sport.

Interim results show group revenue up by 150% to 24.87 million reflecting the first full 6 month contribution for PhD Nutrition and strong organic growth from the SiS brand. They continue to focus on e-commerce sales. sales up 52% was launched in April 2019

To mention a few other shares:

Genus had a steady rise during September

Halma has been reported as "Brexit proof"4

Hot Chocolate also risen this month

Prudential has recovered from its fall in August.

Tullow Oil looks like it is on the move.

More reports to follow later in the month


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