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Storm Clouds - been pretty wild over here on the West Coast of Ireland

I live on the west coast of Ireland and we've been having some pretty wild weather! But all is calm now.

So, having just received the minutes of the January meeting I thought I'd put pen to paper and write the monthly blog.

Looking through our list of shares there are a few I've not commented about recently. Let's concentrate of some them this month and, as I'm feeling in an optimistic mood, we'll look at the good ones!

BHP - We've held this share a few years and have a total upturn of 31.45% to date.

Here's Mary's January report on BHP.... "Up over last month. Probably going to be sued by investors over dam collapse. HL brokers neutral, Share Centre brokers slightly more towards buy". .......Well, Mary, let's hope they don't sue over the dam collapse, this share could become a damp squid!

Cloudcall: Again another share with a good profit of 28.73%. Here's Pam. G's report on Cloudcall: "They have now partnered a recruitment-focused software firm, TargetRecruit. Apparently the software they use, Salesforce, is a CRM CloudCall are familiar with and will enhance their business. Share Centre Brokers’ view ‘Buy’."

Codemasters: This is a recent purchast in June, 2019, so we are pleased to see we are in a 10.82% profit since purchase. Here is Val's report on Codemasters. " The group is one of the most recognized British game developers and publishers with a 30-year track record of producing successful titles. Has approximately 500 full-time employees and operates in 3 UK and locations and one in Kuala Lumpur which is an art facility."

Segro: SEGRO plc is a property investment and development company. It develops and invests in property located in the UK and Continental Europe focusing on edge of town flexible business space. The firm switched to Real Estate Investment Trust status when REITs were introduced in the United Kingdom in January 2007. Here is Lyn's report on Segro: "No reports seen or heard in the last month but it has been up 42% in the past year and is up 3.8% on last month. New developments are quickly let while existing tenants are paying more rent." We have made a 29% profit on Segro since we purchased.

We again held all of our shares this month. Until we see something worth buying we tend to stick with our portfolio unless advised otherwise by the Dollie who follows it.

Of course no "profit" is made until we sell any of our shares: that's the difficult part: when to know the best time to part company.

Next meeting to be held on 19th February when the China Dolls are being interviewed by . We met with one of the partners of this company, Tamzin Freeman, at the Mello awards last spring. It will be an interesting experience. You can follow Tamzin on twitter: @tamzinpiworld.


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