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So at last I get down to writing about our shares. Hope you all had the patience to wait. Information came from our AGM which was held Wednesday, 15th.

Here is a list of the shares we own, date on which they were purchased (this can be slightly misleading as we do add to our shares occasionally - so last date given) and the percentage rise/fall.

In Alphabetical order:

Purchased Percentage rise/fall

ABF....Associated British Foods: 21/02.13 +83.20%

BHP Billiton: 25/09/17 +26.33%

Cloudcall: 22/09/16 + 31.56%

Croda: 22/02/18 +98.06% - added to many times

Dechra Pharmaceuticals: 16/08/18 -11.36%

FeverTree: 16/02/17 +467.60% added to since float

Genus: 17/11/16 + 41.92% - added to

Halma: 31/03/19 +14.73%

Homeserve: 17/11/16 + 75.80%

Hotel Chocolat: 17/11/18 +33.22% added to

Hurricane: 08/11/16 + 39/27%

IQE: 18/01/19 +63.52% added to

On The Beach: 26/03/18 -23.78%

Prudential: 19/01/17 +8.73%

Red T Energy: 04/04/19 -82.99%

Safecharge: 18/01/19 +8.29%

Segro: 22/02/16 +19.16%

Simec Atlantis Energy: 22.09/16 -78.69%

Smith D S: 21/06/18 -38.70%

Tullow Oil: 21/02/19 +1.43%

Unite Group: 22/02/16 +67.18% added to

Whitbread: 18/01/19 -6.82%


As you can see we have a large, varied portfolio. We have become more adventurous over the years, diversifying into shares for the future: some have been a good investment, others not so. Our losses are highlighted. We only invest in £1000/£2000 at a time: if shares come good then we often add to them. If we have made a bad investment we may just keep the share (not worth selling) to see if it recovers. Case in point was G.W.Pharmaceuticals: we purchased this share many years ago and held it through bad times. It eventually rewarded us and was bought out by an American company so we had to let it go. But it was certainly worth holding on to. Same may happen to Red T Energy. We have only just bought this - we will watch closely whilst licking our wounds!

So that's it for now.

I will be reporting on our AGM soon. There is so much to discuss during this meeting that we often do not get around to dealing. But always watching out for the next FeverTree!


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